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私たちは、世界中の様々なイノベーターと協力して、複雑な技術的課題を解決する電子ソリューションを設計・製造しています。 80年を超える経験の実績をもち、そしてこれからも、私たちの伝統である革新性と専門性を活かして、明日のテクノロジーを開発していきます。



100万マイルの累積走行距離が可能になる車は、本当に望まれているのか? F電気自動車(EV)の台頭により、100万マイル走行保証の次世代自動車が現実のものとなるのは、フィクションではありません。これらの自動車は、設計上、可動部品が非常に少なく、よりシンプルに作られています。


2030年のクルマ: コネクテッドホームの延長として


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5G パーティーの開催

What if they gave a party and nobody came? That's the question preoccupying mobile operators and equipment makers as they continue to roll out 5G networks and equipment worldwide, without a very clear sense of what will make customers in many sectors pay a premium to use the technology.

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5GとAR/VR: 没入型体験の水準を引き上げる

As a corporate strategist for Molex’s consumer business, I’m always exploring new technologies that promise far-reaching potential for end-users and the companies that support them. 5G is one such tech enabler that is propelling innovation across a multitude of industries.

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5Gの現状: タイミングがすべて

As momentum for 5G builds, so does pent-up demand for ubiquitous access to lightning-fast downloads, millisecond latency and a treasure trove of transformative mobile data applications. Creating a 5G infrastructure with massive end-to end network upgrades, requires a significant amount of innovation, investment, and resources.  

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In today’s factories, across nearly every key industry, it’s common to see significant differences in the way various teams view and react to change in their operating environment. No clearer example of this exists than in manufacturing, where the adoption of new digital technologies and processes that deliver on the promise of Industry 4.0 is testing the two primary support teams that make this happen. The two teams are: Information Technology (IT), which runs the network that manages the enterprise, and Operational Technology (OT), which run the manufacturing lines including machines, robots, maintenance and anything related to them. They have been known to experience strained relationships as they work to smoothly usher in this transformation. This situation has spotlighted a clear gap in perceptions, support, and outlook of these technologies, highlighting a siloed approach that could stand as a roadblock to companies adopting Industry 4.0.

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