5G パーティーの開催

"パーティを開いたはいいが、誰も来なかったらどうしよう?" 携帯電話会社や機器メーカーは、世界中で5Gネットワークや機器の展開を進めていますが、多くの分野で顧客が5G技術を利用するためにプレミアムを支払う理由が明確になっていないため、このような疑問を抱いています。

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Justin Kerr is Vice President & General Manager of the Micro Solutions Business Unit at Molex. Previously, Justin led the corporate and business unit level strategy activities across the organization, working to drive both organic and inorganic growth opportunities. Prior to Molex, Justin was a strategy consultant for Monitor Deloitte, serving clients across a range of industries. Before consulting, Justin was an investor for a multi-strategy hedge fund and an investment banker for a boutique investment bank. He has an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and a BA from the University of Michigan.